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Eyeliner & Full Lips


You must have proof of prior Micropigmentation knowledge to enroll.


biotouch lip contouring trainingBiotouch Permanent Lip Training has been around for decades, but the latest techniques and advance contouring methods brought its eyes into the public and blossomed new desires to receive this new service.

Below is a breakdown of the course curriculum.

Course Curriculum:

1. Master Fundamental

  • International lip Tone and skin Undertone 
  • Fitzpatrick Scale and Skin type classification 
  • Lip’s natural Shades 
  • Usage of pigment and combination of color pigments. 
  • Avoid bleeding and bruising 

2. Master Lip Technique

  • Art of Lip drawing and design
  • Sketch of lip practice 
  • Artistic  Lip Contour Technique 
  • 3D Lip Ombre Technique  
  • Lip Blush Technique
  • Full Lip Tint Technique 
  • Men Lip Ring Technique

3. Master Procedure Technique

  • Steps to prepare the lip
  • Proper Stretch of the lip
  • Proper technicians
  • Depth of Application 
  • Machine holding position 
  • Needle Variation and Usage 
  • Lip outline technique
  • Filling and shading powdertechnique
  • Lip Top Tint Technique

4. Master Practical Steps

  • Practice Lip design on paper
  • Practice all Lip technique on 3D practice skin in different lip shape
  • Hand on model 
  • Station Setup
  • After care

Day 1: 

  • Introduction 
  • Master Fundamental and Technique
  • Lunch 
  • Elite Master drawing demo
  • Paper practice
  • Practice on portrait print
  • Pigment and Color contour demo
  • Practice skin demo 
  • Practice and homework assigned (due next morning)

Day 2:

  • Critique homework 
  • Station setup procedure 
  • Live model Demonstration 
  • Lunch
  • Student work onlive model that they brought

The Program takes 2 days to complete. Technicians may schedule models to practice.   Classes begin at 9 a.m. and end at 5 p.m.

We offer different classes on a monthly basis with schedule on educational calendar at Technicians may come back and join classes at any-time within 1 year, free of charge, for extra training or review.

Class tuition is $1,200 for the 2 days Master Lip Contour class. A 50% deposit of $600.00 with your application is required at time of booking to hold your seat. Bring your model with you. Full tuition is due 2 weeks prior to class start. The tuition includes Silvera Machine Kit, student materials bag, and supplies necessary to learn Lip Contour procedure.


Class Time:

9 AM to 5 PM

Class Location:


17807 MacLaren St, City of Industry, CA 91744

ANY QUESTIONS CALL (866) 433-2529

Eyeliner & Full Lips Student Registration Form

biotouch academy registration

Additional information


November 14-15, 2022


Buyers Right Right To Cancel:

BioTouch International, for all students, without penalty or obligation, shall refund 100% percent of the amount paid for institutional charges, less the nonrefundable registration, and Health Department processing fees (if applicable), if Notice of Cancellation is made through attendance at the first class session, or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later. Any notification of withdrawal or cancellation and any request for a refund are required to be made in writing.

Refund Policy:

For students who have completed 60% or less of the course of instruction, shall be a pro-rata refund. The pro-rata refund shall be calculated as follows:

  1. Deduct the non-refundable registration and Health Department processing fee (if applicable) from the total tuition charge
  2. Divide this figure by the number of hours in the program
  3. The quotient is the hourly charge for the program
  4. The amount owed by the student for the purposes of calculating a refund is derived by multiplying the total hours attended by the hourly charge for instruction, plus the amount of the registration fee specified
    in paragraph (1).
  5. The refund shall be any amount in excess of the figure derived in paragraph (4) that was paid by the student.
  6. Students completing more than 60% of the class are not eligible for a refund.

Class Location

17807 MacLaren St, City of Industry, CA 91744
Any Question Call: (866) 433-2529


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