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Color Lift and Correction



In Person Class Schedule

Course Description:

Take your Micropigmentation skills to the next level! Learn advanced techniques that reduce procedure time while increasing customer satisfaction. Master the art of Color Lift and correct old micro pigmentation, understand the usage of different colorations, learn the secret of how to enhance removal skills, and more. It is highly recommended that you have prior Micro-Pigmentation knowledge before enrolling.

Course includes:

A Student Bag with a makeup machine kit and class materials. Certificate of Completion is determined upon the final exam and skill test.
Marketing and technical training for advertising on the wiki directory. Technicians may come back and join classes at any time within 1 year, free of charge, for extra training or review.

Length: 2 Days

Skill Level: Advance

Classroom: IN PERSON, 9am to 5pm

Language: English/Spanish/Mandarin


Chapter 1
-Learn to use Zoom and record meetings
-Learn to use your phone camera to stream and record video
-Learning to use camera and lighting equipment for close-up shots
-Basic video editing techniques through Wevideo.
-Collaborate with Google Drive folders and documents
-Learn how to use Basecamp to manage multiple clients

Chapter 2
-Perfecting uneven eyebrow technique
-Preventing & correcting brow color fading and casts

Chapter 3
-Techniques for eliminating touch-ups
-Correction & Camouflage pigmentation.

Chapter 4
-Advanced Color Theory and Pigment Use
-Understanding skin undertones that affect color shades and pigment acceptance

Chapter 5
-Color correction and custom pigment formulations

Chapter 6
-Learn the secret of how to apply Color Lift for removal skills
-Reshaping and redesigning old eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner

Chapter 7
-Correcting camouflaging mistakes and problems
-Question & Answer
-After Care

Chapter 8
-Video demo on Live model
-Technique test

Course Requirements:

Model Required for final tests. A signed release form and before and after pictures are required for each model.

-All Students and models must be 18 of age and older.

-A 100% payment is required to start the course. All payments must include a signed copy of the Enrollment Form.

-Prior Micro-Pigmentation knowledge is highly recommended.

A current Body Art Practitioner Registration is required towards the end of the course for the final test on a live model. Procedures done in Los Angeles must be registered with the county. (see below for disclosure and fee for LA County. Check with your local health dept. on how to comply with regulations in your area.) 


Class tuition is $950 for the 2 days. A 50% deposit with your application is required at the time of booking to hold your seat. Bring your model with you. Full tuition is due 2 weeks before class starts. The tuition includes Silvera Machine Kit, a student materials bag, and supplies necessary to learn.

17807 MacLaren St, City of Industry, CA 91744

ANY QUESTIONS CALL (866) 433-2529

Eyebrow Removal with Biotouch Color Lift Remover


rahil safdariRahil Safdari has mastered PMU, Microblading, and Micropigmentation techniques and is now an Elite Master trainer at Biotouch USA. She received her training from several different permanent makeup organizations and masters, obtaining various secrets to Microblading and Micro-pigmentation specializing in creating a natural symmetrical balanced look. She complies with the highest technical and safety standards and adheres to the strict code of Ethics set by Biotouch IPCP.

beatriz padilla Best Permanent Makeup TeacherBeatriz Padilla has over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry and is a highly qualified Instructor at BioTouch USA. She specializes in Advanced Correction, Camouflage, and Color Theory. She studied and became an esthetician abroad. Her expertise has also been acquired by working together with international colleagues.

She is devoted to helping and passing on her knowledge to others. Very passionate and dedicated to educating her students and being able to enhance the beauty of every individual.

Student Registration Form

biotouch academy registration

Additional information


November 21-22, 2022


Buyers Right Right To Cancel:

BioTouch International, for all students, without penalty or obligation, shall refund 100% percent of the amount paid for institutional charges, less the nonrefundable registration, and Health Department processing fees (if applicable), if Notice of Cancellation is made through attendance at the first class session, or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later. Any notification of withdrawal or cancellation and any request for a refund are required to be made in writing.

Refund Policy:

For students who have completed 60% or less of the course of instruction, shall be a pro-rata refund. The pro-rata refund shall be calculated as follows:

  1. Deduct the non-refundable registration and Health Department processing fee (if applicable) from the total tuition charge
  2. Divide this figure by the number of hours in the program
  3. The quotient is the hourly charge for the program
  4. The amount owed by the student to calculate a refund is derived by multiplying the total hours attended by the hourly charge for instruction, plus the amount of the registration fee specified
    in paragraph (1).
  5. The refund shall be any amount over the figure derived in paragraph (4) that was paid by the student.
  6. Students completing more than 60% of the class are not eligible for a refund.

Class Location

17807 MacLaren St, City of Industry, CA 91744
Any Question Call: (866) 433-2529


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