Best Permanent Makeup Classes in Southern California



How much do your courses cost?

Under each course description on our BioTouch Academy website, you’ll find prices ranging from $950 – $2,400.

I want to learn but I don’t have money.

Our past students have utilized a variety of creative ways to support their tuition. We had students who offered a discounted rate to pre-book clients and collect advance payments. Students can also use credit cards as a financial cushion, many times the technician found that they had already profited from their services before the first statement was due.

Are there any requirements to enroll?

Yes, for all classes except Lashes, you must get certified for Blood Bourne Pathogens test first, and then BioTouch will help you get your Body Art Practioners Registration For LA County. You must commit to 50% deposit at enrollment.

How do you guarantee the training?

You can always join our refresher class free of charge within a year. We encourage you to take advantage of this offer to build up your skills, the more experience you gain equals the more advanced you will be.

I want to learn but I’m so busy

Good to know you are very busy! That means you have existing loyal clients that will trust you for permanent makeup. Remember, we want to work smart, not hard. Utilize your time schedule and learn skills that will maximize your income. Permanent makeup procedures make on an average of $300-$500 an hour, it is 10X more profitable than haircuts, nails, facials, etc.

Is there hands-on training?

Yes, we will help you apply for a permit for you to work on live models. The best way is to bring your own live model so you can review the results of your own work after healing.

What supplies/tools come with the course?

BioTouch is the manufacturer for all PMU supplies. Students will receive a professional kit with all the necessary tools and supplies for each class. We have a full inventory of supplies for students at a discounted rate for future purchases.

What if I can’t find a model because I’m from out of country/state

Advice your representative to try and schedule one before you arrange your trip.

How can I find the best model for the training?

The best model would be an elder lady, since they need the procedure most. They are usually less picky, have greater patience level, and possess higher pain tolerance. Try assisted living, Churchs, and older relatives are the best demographic places for the elderly.

Is the certificate transferable to different state/country?

Every state has different requirements, it’s important to research your local regulations.

Will I be able to work right after I am certified?

Yes in California, we help you apply for your county registration that will allow you to work in permitted studio salons or clinics.

If I register and can’t make the date can I reschedule?

Yes, make sure you advise us in a timely manner so we can schedule you in for the next class.

Do you offer training in different languages?

We do have that capability in our international academies. If you are interested in our US location, you must notify us beforehand to make proper arrangements.

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    01. What Do We Do?

    BioTouch products are now sold in 33 countries and territories worldwide. Ultimately, BioTouch enhances the lives of those who use our products.

    02. Professionality

    With specialized training in a professional working environment, you can be sure that BioTouch specialists offer some of the best training in the permanent and semi-permanent makeup industry.

    03. Guarantee

    From our past clients who have chosen us as their trainers, they have received a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we believe the same will happen to you.

    04. Quality

    Biotouch Academy has been recognized as one of the top-leading permanent makeup academies in Southern California due to their exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

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    Why BioTouch Academy?

    Expertise teaching for over 30 years

    Things to know before choosing the school:

    • Biotouch Academy passed the exemption review from the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE)
    • Biotouch provides a formal education through our state of the art facility
    • Biotouch meets all requirements with Los Angeles County Public Health Department
    • We guide technicians through the process to apply forBody Art Practitioner Registration and Facility Health Permit
    • No hassle for inspection
    • Covered by Safety Product liability insurance
    • Provides Certificate of sterilization as proof of sterile needles safety
    • Products indicate lot # and Exp date for protection
    • CE approved machines
    • FDA approved pigment ingredients for cosmetics use
    • Biotouch Pigments are made entirely in the USA
    • Highest success rate for pigment retention
    • Free Refresher classes offered within a year of registration to build up your skills
    • Builds long-term relationships with technical support and product knowledge advice
    • High ranking instructors teaching the most updated skills  
    • Raised Hundreds of thousands of successful technicians
    • Biotouch pigments and products are used by tremendous amounts of technicians on a daily basis
    • New technologies and interactive digital platforms are being developed for our technicians