Microblading (Feather Touch)

Microblading (Feather Touch)

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Feather Touch Course

Become an eyebrow perfectionist. Learn how to create symmetrically stunning eyebrows with both pencil and stencil by using techniques that ensure correct brow shape, weight, and position. Gain an understanding of hair stroke tempering and get the secrets of creating lifelike brows with Feather Touch needles. This course also includes learning the proper application of analgesics and getting hands-on experience with our 5-brow practice skin and live models. You must have proof of prior Micro-Pigmentation knowledge to enroll.

What You Will Learn in Feather Touch Brow Tattoo Training:

Day 1

  • Introduction & Layout
  • Introduction of the Feather Touch Kit
  • Layout with a pencil to ensure brow shape, position, arch, and tail

Day 2 & 3

  • Special Techniques
  • Revolutionary new needles
  • Techniques for pain control
  • Creating hair strokes for a super-realistic 3-D look
  • Hair Stroke Tempering
  • Adding life and realism to old brows with hair stroke
  • Hands-on practice with 5-brow practice skin Technique test
  • Additional Business Generating market demand for returning clients


**Model Required 2nd day of class
**Must have completed our Beginner course or provide proof of prior Micro-Pigmentation knowledge to enroll

Tuition $950.00 & includes a feather touch kit, class materials, a training manual by email, & certificate of completion, determined upon a final exam

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  • Susy Valdillez

    Micropigmentation Teacher
    Susy Valdillez has always had a passion for the Beauty Industry. She has over 15 years of experience as ...
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