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30 November 2018

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Biotouch Microblading/Feather Touch Class

Biotouch Microblading/Feather Touch Class

Biotouch is manufacturer of a full line of micro/microblading pigments, machines, accessories and a worldwide recognized academy, it has been around for over 30 years and has taught a great number of successful technicians. Biotouch coaches the most advanced techniques in microblading.  We are connected through our global network to obtain techniques from over 70 countries.  Our professional team of credential instructors are specialized masters in their areas of expertise. Feathertouch course is designed to teach technicians the secrets of creating the look of natural brows.  Our two day Feathertouch course offers a Revolutionary Feathertouch Kit with Nano Needles, you will learn how to create symmetrically stunning eyebrow shapes with our unique designed ruler. The class offers hair stroke tempering, adding life to old brows, hands on practice, marketing and a refresher, free of charge within a year of registration.  Biotouch certificate will be issued upon completion and students can further their skills by taking our Master and Paramedical courses. These programs are taught in our state of the art spacious facility, with optimal lighting, extra instructor assistance and product availability, which creates the most effective and efficient learning environment for all technicians.

We would like to invite all the technicians to participate and discover many more useful materials, equipment, tips and trends that will boost your capabilities and efficiency!

Helpful Materials and Equipment

Helpful materials and equipment work side by side with your techniques and make learning more productive to better your skills. The Perfect Brow Guide Ruler has measurements,

markings and indicators to perfect the brow head, arch and tail. The Brow Stencil Pouch with 6 Hair Stroke designs is an ideal tool that will accelerate your learning skills.

In training the technicians can gain experience and refine their skills on the unique 3D skin material. BioTouch Eyebrow Practice Skin truly resembles different parts of the brow skin thickness. Made with materials that will show the depth and evenness of your strokes, which the human eye cannot see in real skin, it ensures learning pressure control for great color retention effect.


Purple Feather Touch Threaded Needle Pen

In our training we use the safest pen which is highly recommended by microblading experts. The needle securely screws onto the thread providing the technician stability. The pen accommodates a variety of needles, including U shape, slanted, angular and straight types. The exclusive flat pen head design allows it to stand upright, leaving the needle free of any debris in the air.


Microblading / Feather Touch

Microblading or Feather Touch mimics the look of natural hair strokes to imitate the natural human eyebrows with semi-permanent specialized techniques to create every strand of hair. Confusion swirls around the forever growing use of names for Microblading. There is a wide range of names used to describe this trending technique, the most common are microblading, embroidery, feathering, and fancy names such as 3D and 6D brow hair strokes. It doesn’t matter if you like your brows arched and feathered or straight and bold, Microblading / Feather Touch is the same technique designed to match individual’s facial bone structure according to the golden ratio.  

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